Spring 2010

Table of Contents - Vol. VII, No. 1

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Rita Stein

You Hesitate

The poet wakes the sun
It’s an odd arrangement
but last chances usually are
O light
if I lay myself on top of you

and plant kisses everywhere
would you curl yourself around me
engulf me with your grace
stroke me, scratch me, burn me

would you use clouds as an excuse
to evade me
would you conspire with a lunar eclipse
to kill me?

3rd Street Anecdote

The floor opens up in the middle
Suddenly air, the enormity of it

Over and over, a clarinet refrain,
like love, sweet and foul

This December day, wet snow

Reading under a blanket,
no heat in or out

Violins arrive, and a coronet
Feels less dangerous in here now

Erik Satie is being announced

I find myself enjoying what I don’t like
Who’s performing here, I wonder

You make me say stupid things
just to keep the conversation going

Snow resting on the ground
Cat on the balcony

Packing up to leave
Threw out the stinky soup

We say goodbye casually and step out.
The net was too narrow and yet too wide.


It takes a special use of language
to get the guts and glory
to come together

to make a story in a poem
but leave it vague enough to
create a wanting

to beg details to cohabitate
with syllables and not get
lost in the count

We say on blk day dwn
past ngl flw tu wndw

The service was in English
We put our share of dirt
on the coffin

Two people signed the guestbook

One bleak day at dawn
    an angel flew through the window

© Rita Stein

Poetry    Translations    Fiction

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