Spring 2009

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Dawn Dupler


Something I Would Have Remembered Saying

I did not say to him, “I love you.”
I may have mentioned how nicely
His suit matched his tie,

Or how brushing against his tight pecs
Submerged my senses. But, “I love you?”
That I would have remembered

Like the soldier who first made me surrender,
An olive-skinned, dark-maned lover
Whose solid hands turned my bed into a bema.

Perhaps I have been want for intimacy,
Something soft and whispery
Capable of consuming blue flames.

But I no longer attend those quick-fuck carnivals
Whose all-hard, all-the-time, lotharios
Require no ticket, no green, for admittance.

They say, “I love you” while opening a can of beer.
And happily do so again following a zephyr,
Something I could create by opening a window.

By metaphor did I say what he heard?
A touch to his shoulder? A sigh too strong?
Roiled with emotion I could have uttered a confession.

But not that. I lie with the sun in my eyes.
Into the penumbra a gray circling hawk laughs.
How I would have remembered telling him, “I love you.”


© Dawn Dupler



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