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Loch Raven Review Fall 2005 — Vol. I, No. 1

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Arlene Ang
READ   In his lungs. Towards 47th San Seviera Drive. A Father’s Life.

Carole Barley (Vienna)
    READ   Take Me (I’m Yours). Secretary Birds. Cine-projections for Romantics. August. After the Jukebox Dies.

Deborah Beachboard, Toni J. Layton & Michael L. Evans
    READ   Blissfully Astray. (A collaborative cinquain sequence.)

Jim Benz
    READ   A Fun Night Out With Crazy Ed.

Emily Brink
    READ   Beads.

E.V. Brooks
    READ   Giant. Arrant. The Collar.

Jeffrey Calhoun
    READ   Bohemian Avenue Homicide. Revisiting Wormholes and Literature. Scarecrow Saw Love and Death in His Field.

Top of Page Janet Lynn Davis
    READ   Left alone. Not another death poem.

Michael L. Evans
    READ   Going Home. Descended From Buccaneers. One Last Magic Moment. We All Know How To Swim.

Christopher T. George
    READ   O’Malley’s Matins. Earthworm Dampness. Tame the Ghosts. Red Roses and Orange Lilies. The Monkey on the Terra Cotta Patio. Gnossiene. The Ghosts of Cambodia.

Dane Hebert
    READ   Unsnapped Too. White Noise. They Had A Good Run. Blinded by Love.

Bernard Henrie
    READ   Cold Autumn. Street Preacher. A Woman Receives a Love Letter. A Man Receives a Love Letter. The Pastoral Fortune Teller.

J.D. Heskin
    READ   Margaret. Seeing.

Deborah P. Kolodji
    READ   The Vine That Ate The South. The End of the Drought. Eggshell Moon. Black Widow.

Charles Levenstein
    READ   The Joys of Getting Older.

Sandford Lyne
    READ   Starting Out. Autumn. In Denali. Three Flints.

Allen McGill
    READ   Rain. Liquid Light. So Quickly Gone. Eternal. Alone.

Top of Page Nihal Parthasarathi
    READ   A Blessed Q-Tip.

Kathy Paupore
    READ   From Hibernation. The Curious Naturalist. July Forecasts.

Rainer Maria Rilke, translated from the German by Jim Doss
    READ   The Angels. From a Childhood. The Boy. The Last Supper. The Neighbor. Lament. Autumn Day. Autumn. The Panther. Eve. Pietà. Sonnets to Orpheus, I 1.-6. and II 1.

Don Schaeffer
    READ   A Long Time.

Brian Strand
    READ   On a Clear Night. Lazing in a Deckchair.

Georg Trakl, translated from the German by Jim Doss and Werner Schmitt
    READ   In an Old Family Album. Mankind. Toward Evening My Heart. De profundis. To the Boy Elis. Elis. Helian. In Spring. Kaspar Hauser Song. A Winter Evening. In Venice. Surrender at Night. Passion. In the East. Lament. Grodek.

Peter Waring
    READ   The Larne Line. The Kitchen Swarm.

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Arlene Ang
READ   Crazy Love: egg tanka series.

Aurora Antonovic
    READ   Tanka: inconsolable. in my inbox.

Michael L. Evans
    READ   Tanka: last night. I long. when finally. Cinqku Noir: her lips.

J.D. Heskin
    READ   Haiku: the bird’s shadow. lightning bolt! paying twice. late haijin.

Scott Metz
    READ   Haiku: first spring winds. first warm day. open for a moment. after school. long after she’s gone. mid-summer rain. rainy season. mid-summer. night heat. winter night.

Kala Ramesh
    READ   Tanka: as they settle down. my worn out sandals. seeing my children. at a shop.

Adelaide B. Shaw
    READ   Haiku: the quiet garden. the river at dusk. first day of autumn. icy sidewalk. a warmer sun. icy sleet.

M. Franklyn Teaford
    READ   Haiku: passion evaporates. ceiling fan. the smell of birch. artificial fig. father and children.

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Dane Hebert
READ   Snuffed.

Allen McGill
    READ   Gene and Roddy. Exits and Entrances. Best Laid Plans. Surprise!

Adelaide B. Shaw
    READ   Old Man on a Bench.

Georg Trakl, translated from the German by Jim Doss and Werner Schmitt
    READ   Dream Country. Abandonment.

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Gary Blankenship
READ   Review of After the Jukebox Dies by Carole Barley (Vienna).

Sandford Lyne
    READ   Review of Native Joy: Poems Songs Visions Dreams 1963-2003 by Geoffrey Oelsner.

Cornelius Vanvig
    READ   Review of The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain: New Poems by Charles Bukowski.

The CinquainPoets
    READ   May Dazed. A cinquain sequence by fourteen members of the CinquainPoets.

Wild Poetry Press
    READ   Poets Gone Wild - An Internet Anthology of over thirty members of the Wild Poetry Forum.

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